Greenpeace Jaguars caged

Saving Argentine forests from destruction

Feature story - 31 August, 2004
Our team of Greenpeace Jaguars, who have been protecting the ancient forests of Argentina from the expansion of Genetically Engineered soya, have been arrested while documenting the deforestation in northern Argentina some 1800 km north of Buenos Aires in the city of Tartagal, north of Salta province.

Greenpeace activists, dressed as 'jaguars', used chains to immobilise bulldozers that have been destroying Yungas forest in north west Argentina. Argentina's forests are being cut down to grow Monsanto's genetically engineered soya for export as animal feed to Europe and China.

Among the nine is Martin Prieto the Executive Director of GreenpeaceArgentina. The Jaguars' lawyer was also thrown into jail, thusdepriving them of legal representation. Our team in Argentina hasspoken with the Jaguars and for now they remain in good spirit.

We believe that they were arrested for the misdemeanour oftrespassing, so far the judge has decided not to release them and couldkeep them in jail for days. For now they are being held under custodyin the Intelligence Brigade of the State Police of Salta in a localpolice station.

The Jaguars have been prowling Argentina's native forests for over amonth now, tracking down its destruction and trying to halt theonslaught of GE Soya monoculture.

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Read more about the unique biodiversity which is being destroyed in the Yungas Rainforest and the Great Chaco American forest.

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