Polluting Oil shale project could face closure without government bailout

Feature story - 8 March, 2002
Greenpeace today called on the Australian Government not to bail out the controversial Stuart Oil Shale Project in Queensland following reports that Project developer Southern Pacific Petroleum (SPP) had asked the Government to rescue it from a "cash crisis situation".

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Greenpeace climate campaigner Gareth Walton said, "The time has come for the federal government to stop providing handouts to SPP."

"If oil shale is such a good idea why aren't companies queuing up to replace SPP's former partner Suncor, which withdrew from the Project last April?"

The Stuart Project is an attempt to extract oil from shale rock. Greenpeace has been campaigning against the Project since 1998 because of its social and environmental impacts, which include greenhouse emissions, dioxin releases, air and water pollution and health impacts on local people.