Help us predict global warming

Make your computer do some real work for a change!

Feature story - 4 April, 2005
Want to make your computer more useful than just reading e-mail, playing solitare and googling yourself? Within a few minutes you can have your computer crunching numbers to help predict global warming. simulator has created software that runs models of climatechange thousands of times. According to their website, the goal of thisis to

"improve methods to quantify uncertainties of climate projectionsand scenarios, including long-term ensemble simulations using complexmodels."

Basically, instead of having this team buy a room full ofsupercomputers they want to borrow some time on your computer -- timeyou aren't even using. By having thousands of people donate computertime they hope to run thousands of simulations. This has never beendone before and will lead to a greater understanding of our climate.You'll still be able to run all your normal computer programmessimultaneously.

We at Greenpeace have setup our own team to contribute to this project.

Join "Team Greenpeace"

In order to participate you'll need tohave a computer running at least Windows 98, or Linux on an 800mhz orfaster Pentium 3 processor.  Mac users will need Mac OS X on a G4processor or better. All users will need at least 600mb of free harddrive space.