Isabel Allende goes Ancient Forest friendly

Feature story - 27 September, 2004
Last year, Harry Potter went Ancient Forest friendly in Canada. Now, for the first time, a major Spanish publisher has taken steps towards being ancient-forest friendly, with the release of Isabel Allende's new book printed on recycled and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper. Isabel Allende is calling for her publishers around the world to follow suit.

Isabel Allende supporting our Book Campaign at the release of her latest book

The publishing company Random House Mondadori has printed bestselling Chilean-born author Isabel Allende's new book 'Forest of the Pygmies' paperback edition on 100 percent recycled paper and the hardback on 30 percent Forest Stewardship Council paper. The publisher has also has committed to printing all its youth books under its Montena label on recycled paper by 2005.

"How great it is that my Spanish book is on Ancient Forest friendly paper and that by doing so, I am playing a part in protecting the world's ancient forests," says Isabel.

But she also added that she would like to see other publishers around the world follow her example.

"I would like all my other publishers to follow the example set by my Spanish publishers and use Ancient Forest friendly papers for my books," she said.

Using Ancient Forest friendly paper doesn't only save trees - it also saves water and electricity, reduces solid waste produced in the publishing process, and reduces the amount of greenhouse gas and other emissions released in the process.

Prologue of Isabel Allende's new book "El Bosque de los Pigmeos"

(Text translated from Spanish)

"I have always been committed to forest protection. It was not in vain that I founded, together with Chilean personalities, the ecological group 'Defenders of the Chilean Forest'. In all my novels, especially this Trilogy, the ethical component and the respect for nature and its inhabitants are repeated.

I supported the US campaign demanding that Chilean timber sold in that country is certified according to the social and environmental requirements of the ecological label FSC, with the aim of preventing industrial pine plantations being substituted for native forests of my country, which is still formed by virgin forests that contain great biodiversity and cultural richness.

I want to show my most sincere appreciation to the ecological organisation Greenpeace and the editorial group Random House Mondadori for this initiative that benefits us all."

- Isabel Allende

The Book Campaign

This positive step by Random House Mondadori is the result of collaboration with our Book Campaign that aims to encourage the book publishing industry to stop sourcing paper linked to ancient forest destruction and to start developing 'Ancient Forest friendly' solutions.

Isabel Allende is not the only well-known author working towards reducing her work's impact on ancient forests. Famous writers such as Margaret Atwood, JK Rowling, Ian Rankin and Günter Grass are also having their books published on ancient-forest friendly paper.

In the last few months, Italian publisher Einaudi has published 4 books on 100 percent recycled paper as a result of the Greenpeace book campaign and 14 Dutch publishers, representing 75 percent of the fiction market in the Netherlands, have committed to using Ancient Forest friendly book papers. The UK publisher Bloomsbury has also made initial steps by printing the paperback edition of 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' on a part recycled paper.

The Canadian edition of 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' helped save 'muggle' forests as it was printed on 100 percent post-consumer paper.

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