Mobil fuels the flames of climate change

Feature story - 24 January, 2003
It was a scorcher at Mobil's Port Stanvac refinery in Adelaide, Australia today, where five Greenpeace activists spent six hours on an oil tanker anchored off port.

Greenpeace activists prevent the oil tanker ' STOLT AUSTRALIA' from delivering shale oil to the Mobil oil refinery in South Australia

One activist was locked to the anchor chain off the side of the vessel, an oil tanker delivering a shipment of shale oil to a Mobil oil refinery in South Australia.

The activists were on the ship from 7am to 1pm, one of them locked to the anchor chain off the side of the vessel. It was an uncomfortable wait as the heat of the day set in.

Mobil, also known as ExxonMobil and Esso, is the subject of an international Greenpeace campaign because it is the oil company with the worst position on climate change. Mobil was behind the US Government's rejection of the Kyoto Protocol, denies that burning fossil fuels causes climate change and refuses to invest in clean renewable energy.

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