SolarChill fridge wins environmental award

Feature story - 6 October, 2006
SolarChill is a new climate-friendly refrigeration technology using solar power, enabling delivery of vaccines and food to regions of the world without electricity. Developed by us along with six other organisations it has won the Environmental Pioneer in Refrigeration award in the 2006 Cooling Industry Awards.

SolarChill prototypes - the vaccine cooler and the refrigerator.

The SolarChill project developed a versatile refrigeration technologythat operates on solar energy; uses environmentally safe refrigerants;bypasses the use of lead batteries; and can also be plugged into theelectricity grid. Developed over the last six years, SolarChill has been fieldtested in Senegal, Indonesia, and Cuba and once it receives WorldHealth Organisation (WHO) approval will be deployed across the world.

"The Solar Chill technology clearly demonstrates the huge, largelyuntapped resource of clean, renewable solar power that's out there.This innovation will improve the delivery of vaccine programmes in manyregions of the world and save countless lives," said Wolfgang Lohbeckof Greenpeace Germany.

SolarChill could replace the 100,000 kerosenerefrigerators in use today around the world for cooling vaccines.Kerosene refrigerators are often unreliable and produce approximatelybetween 73 and 91 million kilograms of CO2 each year.

Developed along with UNICEF, UNEP, World Health Organisation (WHO), GTZProklima, Programmes for Appropriate Technologies in Health (PATH) andthe Danish Technological Institute, SolarChill will improve both humanhealth care and help fight global warming.

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At the same awards ceremony Coca-Cola also received an award forequipping all World Cup stadiums in Germany with refrigerationtechnology that doesn't use powerful global warming gases and it moreenergy efficient. This is another positive result of our successfulcampaign to make Coke switch to more environmentally friendlyrefrigeration technology.

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Coke's switch to climate friendly refrigeration


All in all a nice night for us, but a even better night for recognising technology that is good for the planet.  

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