Stop the next oil disaster

We're not going to let another tanker disaster happen -- help us stop the next Prestige

Feature story - 28 November, 2002
If it had been within your power to prevent the Prestige oil spill, would you have taken a moment to do so? We can't undo the damage of the Prestige, but we may be able to stop the next disastrous spill.

A Greenpeace activist inspects the spilled crude oil from the sunken Prestige tanker.

We can't give you the details at the moment, but Greenpeace is taking action now to prevent yet another disaster like the one that is still unfolding off the Spanish, Portuguese, and French coasts. Our campaigners are on their way, some of them the same activists who witnessed the ecological devastation from the Prestige spill and who helped with the cleanup in Spain. Sickened by what they saw, they're making sure that another avoidable accident doesn't happen.

Want to be the first to know who we're going after and what you can do to help? Check back here at the website frequently over the next couple days, or sign up as cyberactivist now -- you'll get up to the minute news before it appears anywhere about what our activists are doing and what you can do to help. It's free and simple -- sign up now.

There are plenty of ways you can help immediately:

--send a donation to help our urgent work to stop the next oil disaster.

--sign up for our Stopesso campaign -- challenging the world's largest oil company to begin investing in alternative energy.

--join the appeal by more than 5000 cyberactivists and send a message to the International Maritime Organisation demanding an end to the loopholes and flag of convenience laws that allowed an unsafe ship like the Prestige to legally carry its deadly cargo on the high seas.

--take the Green Ribbon Pledge to reduce your own consumption of fossil fuels;

--join the discussion on the recent tanker spill and make your suggestions about what all of us can do to stop future spills and reduce the world's dependence on oil.

Let's work to stop the next spill, and start moving our world toward safe, renewable energy sources.

"The earth is not dying, it is being killed, and those who are doing it have names and addresses." ==Utah Philips