StopEsso day a huge success

Feature story - 18 May, 2002
Today 400 of Esso's UK petrol stations were the scene of StopEsso protests. Protesters from all walks of life were out in force to ensure Esso and its customers get the message that Esso's policies make it the world's No1 global warmer.

Activists block Esso refinery in France

Cindy Baxter of StopEsso UK takes up the story: "Today the sound of cars beeping for the boycott have echoed through deserted Esso forecourts across the UK. This protest is now going global, and will continue until Esso changes its irresponsible undermining of action on climate change."

Across the counrty people reported a fantastic response from the public, with many drivers "beeping for the boycott", and friendly police. A lot of drivers, seeing the StopEsso signs, turned round and drove off. Empty petrol forecourts all round!

Check out the UK stopesso site for updates and anecdotes from across the country.