Taking a stand to save ancient forests

Feature story - 24 June, 2004
Home to one of the most endangered tree species in the world, the Californian wolverine and salamanders, the ancient forests of the US Pacific Northwest are a unique treasure. Unfortunately they are also on the Bush administration's logging hit list to be sold off to corporate big business. We are out to stop this destruction.

Kayla, 63 year old mother of two, takes action to stop the destruction of ancient forest in southern Oregon

Greenpeace USA activists are right now on the ground to stop the logging of these ancient forests. The activists have managed to stop logging operations in the Umpqua National Forest, blocking logging operations from inside a three-ton container.

Read their updates being sent via our satellite email system.

Rather than protecting these public lands for the benefit of the current and future generations they are being sold off for the benefits of a greedy timber industry under the false pretence of preventing forest fires.


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More about our work in southern Oregon - working for the protection of America's ancient forests.