The Solar Generation

Feature story - 1 June, 2004
Who are we? Young people who want to change the world! What do we want? Renewable Energy! Make no mistake - the world is heading for climate disaster if we don't change our dirty energy ways soon. The young people of the Solar Generation project don't want to be living in a disaster of our making. They are campaigning now for the switch to clean renewable energy across the globe.

15,000 postcards from the public calling for renewable energy are delivered in a ball of ice to the Bonn Renewables conference. While there was some progress at the conference it still left much to do to tackle global warming.

Young people have the most to lose from global warming but also the most to gain from the urgent action that is needed now to prevent the worst impacts. Right now young people from around the world are coming together under the Solar Generation banner to end the inaction that brings global warming disasters closer and closer. Henry is from China, where clean energy is a must for the huge population. Abigail, from the Philippines, comes from a community fighting a dirty coal power station on its doorstep.

Now members of Solar Generation are facing possibly their biggest challenge. Many of them are in Bonn, Germany for a major political conference on renewable energy. Their challenge is to bring the reality of global warming to politicians cosseted in stuffy, plush conference rooms and help ensure the conference will amount to more than just nice words about renewable energy.

They made a start with the chance to make a speech to the first day of the conference. Abigail addressed the delegates along with Henry from China and Lisa from Germany:

"With what we are experiencing, we, the members of Solar Generation are putting our feet forward against climate change and are pushing for renewable energy. Members from different countries lobby to politicians, organize rallies and camps to increase public awareness, participate in direct actions and support each other in raising funds for renewable energy installations. We, the Solar Generation, are doing what we can. Now is your duty to do what you can!"(Read the full speech.)

Back in China, Henry has been busy with Solar Campus projects to spread the word on renewable energy to students and lobbying Chinese energy companies to invest in renewable power:

"We believe that our actions and passion for our environment could make waves in our world! We will spread our concerns on climate change and take action to change the behaviour of power companies, government and our universities, with the support and spirit of more and more energetic youths!"

It remains to be seen if today's political masters rise to the challenge of tomorrow's Solar Generation.

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