This Earth Day, become a climate activist

Help us turn 3 million people into climate activists: starting with you

Feature story - 21 April, 2009
Here at Greenpeace, we're pushers of a controlled substance. It's called hope. And our new "Inspiring Action" video is dizzy with it.

Hundreds of Greenpeace activists from across Europe were arrested for action against climate change in Brussels earlier this year. By signing up as a climate activist, you can be a part of our efforts to demand action.

When we take action against environmental crimes, we also take action against despair.  And there are times when inspiring other people to take action is by far the most powerful outcome that we could hope for.

When we took our first action in 1971, we were a rag-tag group of hippies sailing against a US nuclear weapons test.  We were sailing into impossible odds, with an impossible demand.  But the individuals who set off on that voyage inspired an impossible number of people to achieve impossible things.

We've had three decades of experience in making the impossible happen -- an end to nuclear testing, protection of Antarctica from oil and gas exploration, a moratorium on commercial whaling, a ban on ocean dumping and a ban on trade in toxic waste, to name only a few.  

We've not only made those changes happen, we made them look inevitable.

There are ample reasons for despair.

But many years ago, one of our activists bagged a quote from another famous activist, and summed up the Greenpeace ethos: "The optimism of the action is better than the the pessimism of the thought."

If you agree, we want you, and 2,999,999 people like you to sign up as climate activists.

Our best chance to make a difference

When the UN Climate summit convenes in Copenhagen this December, delegates there will be deciding the fate of the Earth.  It's looking more and more likely they will bring us a lot of hot air, not a cooler planet.

YOU need to tell them that's not good enough.

YOU need to raise the bar on the world's expectations.

It's time to get involved. It's time to get your friends involved. It's time to get your parents or your kids involved.

Join us. Become a climate activist.  

Our first mission is to get the message out that we want our leaders to take personal responsibility for stopping climate change.

The first step to ensuring that the climate summit makes real decision is to make sure that real decision makers are there.

Our leaders can't delegate the fate of the Earth. Tell Obama of the US, Hu of China, Brown of the UK, Merkel of Germany, Sarkozy of France, and Lula of Brazil that they simply have to clear their calendars, show up at the meeting which will secure the future of humanity, and take individual action to get us out of this mess.

Demand key leaders go to the climate summit: sign our petition. Please send this video to your friends.  Post a link in Facebook. Post it to your blog.  

This Earth Day, please join us in this conspiracy of hope called Greenpeace, and inspire others to action. 

Take Action

Tell world leaders to take personal responsibility for our planet's future, and attend the UN Climate Summit personally.


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