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UK launches first offshore windfarm

Feature story - 21 November, 2003
The UK's first major offshore wind farm has now been launched. It's situated off the coast of North Wales in the Irish Sea, and is now harnessing some of the UK's massive sea wind resource. It is a big step toward the only energy of the future - clean, green, renewable energy.

The UK's first wind farm in the Irish Sea which will supply 50,000 homes with power.

When fully operational, the North Hoyle windfarm will be capable of producing enough power for 50,000 homes. Thirty wind turbines standing more than 40m high have been built four to five miles off the coast. Its location is ideal with lots of wind, and most importantly, an environmental impact assessment found there would be no significant environmental effects.

Blair gives the thumbs up

In an address broadcast at the launch of the wind farm, Tony Blair acknowledged the importance of the project:

"Rolling out this first large-scale offshore wind venture is a highly significant step toward achieving Britain's renewables goal. We are on our way to a future that can be transformed by the use of clean forms of energy," he said.

The wind farm will supply electricity to Juice customers. Juice is clean, green, electricity in the UK, and was developed through an unusual partnership with npower the UK electricity supplier as a practical solution to global warming.

The UK has one of the largest renewable energy resources in Europe, so vast that it could provide all our electricity needs many times over. Despite this resource, successive governments have failed to harness even a tiny fraction of this potential and energy policy continues to be based on outdated and dirty fossil fuels and nuclear energy.

Hopefully this project will mark a turning point in the UK energy policy towards more renewable energy and be an example to other areas in Europe and elsewhere which could be harnessing the clean power of the wind.

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Do something

Many countries have power suppliers offering electricity from clean renewable energy - here are just a few you can join if you live in the following countries: UK, Netherlands and Germany.

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