Greenpeace cuts military supply chain to war in Iraq

Rainbow Warrior blockades UK military port; activists set up peace camp

Feature story - 30 January, 2003
Days after the Rainbow Warrior entered Marchwood Military port in Southampton and blocked the departure of UK military supply vessels heading for the Iraqi conflict in the Gulf, activists board and set up peace camp on military supply ship.

Greenpeace flagship the MV Rainbow Warrior blocks the Marchwood Military Port in Southampton while activists paint an anti-war message on the stern of a military supply vessel.

Speaking from the bridge of the Rainbow Warrior, Stephen Tindale, Director of Greenpeace in the UK said,

"We are determined to stop the headlong rush to a war which places a higher price on oil than on blood. War with Iraq would not make the world a safer place: it would increase support for terrorism and could lead to the use of weapons of mass detruction. The human and environmental impacts would be appalling and no one would benefit other than George Bush and oil companies like Esso."

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