Update from the World Social Forum

Feature story - 24 January, 2003
More than 100,000 people have descended on Porto Alegre, Brazil, and it's not even a World Cup soccer final. So what gives?

Greenpeace joins participants of the World Social Forum in a protest against war with Iraq.

Usually it would take a major sporting event to unite so many different types. But those attending the World Social Forum are meeting to debate a concept even more unifying than athletic pursuits - the idea that "another world is possible."

The aim of the World Social Forum is to create a truly open discussion place for social movements, networks, non-government organisations and other civil society organisations. The first World Social Forum was held in 2001 to counter the World Economic Forum.

One of the key issues to be tackled at this year's Forum is corporate take-over of the world's staple food crops. Monsanto, the company responsible for over 90 percent of all genetically engineered crops grown in the world, is leading that take-over. As part of the Forum, we released a briefing detailing Monsanto's role in forcing genetically engineered crops into Brazil and the rest of the world (pdf).

While at the Forum, will also be supporting new renewable energy, opposing nuclear power, and opposing war.

Find out more from our World Social Forum website.