The world is watching: the Virtual March

Feature story - 19 June, 2005
Whale song erupted across Lotte Plaza in Ulsan, South Korea, as the World's very first "Virtual March" to save the whales was unveiled this evening, loud enough for any IWC delegates not in attendance to hear. Thousands of photographs of anti-whaling activists from all around the globe were projected opposite the very hotel where the IWC is being held.

The Virtual March logo is projected right outside the hotel where the IWC is being held, in Ulsan, South Korea

Supporters, curious passers-by, locals who had been bombarded withflyers in the last few days, Embassy activists and the world's mediagathered in Lotte Plaza to witness the spectacle of thousands of imagesof people protesting the prospect of resumed commercial whaling.

The whale sounds were truly eerie echoing around the ultra-modern LotteMultiplaza, flanked by a multiplex cinema and Pizza Hut.  Alongwith the projection it was enough to give you goosebumps - and therewere certainly tears in some onlookers' eyes!

Over 50,000thousand people from 122 countries took part in the Virtual March bysending photographs of themselves with a banner expressing theirconcern about the fate of the world's dwindling populations of whales.

Our resident whale guru John Frizell summed it up beautifully. "We have brought the protest from thousands of people to the decisionmakers; to show them that even though their decisions may be madebehind closed doors, the whole world is watching."

TheMinistry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of South Korea has alreadypublicly declared an interest in resuming whaling under the guise of'scientific' research.  South Korea is also threatening to supportthe Japanese Government's attempts to overturn the global moratorium oncommercial whaling. Just last night, a minke whale was butcheredoutside Ulsan's whale meat restaurants under dubious circumstances,with one local declaring that the catch was not accidental. (SouthKorea permits the sale of meat from "accidentally killed" whales.)

Wehope that tonight's events will help the Korean Government tounderstand that the international reputation of their country hangs inthe balance in the decisions they will make in the week ahead.

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