BP drops plans for controversial Liberty oil field in Alaska

Press release - 9 January, 2002

Dillon oil rig. Cook inlet, Alaska

Following years of campaigning by Greenpeace and other environmental groups, BP announced Monday it is dropping plans for the controversial Liberty oil field in Alaska.

BP proposed to develop the Liberty oil field in the Alaskan Beaufort Sea 40 miles to the east of where the controversial Norsthstar oil field was developed. Like Northstar, Liberty would have involved an artifical drilling island located six miles off Alaska's north coast with a subsea pipeline carrying oil ashore to the Trans Alaska Pipeline for shipment to Valdez and eventual tankering to the Lower 48 and Asia.

"BP's action today confirms what the American public has been saying all along: We do not support drilling for oil. We need to focus new energy developments on renewables like solar and wind," said Melanie Duchin, a Greenpeace campaigner in Anchorage, Alaska. "Plans by the Bush administration and some in Congress to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge will meet a similar fate."

Greenpeace has opposed this new oil frontier development in the Beaufort Sea on the basis that it will exacerbate global warming and delay the transition to renewable forms of energy such as solar and wind.