Nuclear Free Irish Sea Flotilla deployed

Press release - 15 September, 2002

The Nuclear Free Irish Sea Flotilla (made up of yachts and vessels from England, Wales and Ireland), supported by the Greenpeace Ship SV Rainbow Warrior

The Nuclear Free Irish Sea Flotilla, supported by the Greenpeace flagship the Rainbow Warrior, will be deployed in the Irish Sea early Sunday morning to protest against the two nuclear freighters due to arrive in Barrow-in- Furness, England in the next two to three days.

The Flotilla, which gathered in the harbour at Holyhead, now numbers over twenty yachts and vessels. Yachts from the flotilla and the Rainbow Warrior will leave at 3am approximately; other yachts from the flotilla will head North to Sellafield later on Sunday.

"This shipment poses a huge security threat to the Irish Sea. There is now more chance of an attack on a nuclear facility or vessel since September 11th. The UK Government are making it easier for terrorists to make that attack by shipping nuclear material around the world," said Des Llewellyn, from the Pembrokeshire ailing on the Elkstone.

"Our intention is to convey the message that our oceans must not be used as a method of transporting hazardous nuclear material and the Irish Sea should never be used a nuclear highway ever again", said Jim Corr, of the Irish band The Corrs, on board the Rainbow Warrior.

"The strength of the Irish Sea Flotilla allows us to cover both the southern part of the Irish Sea and the area around Barrow-in- Furness. These plutonium ships have been peacefully protested against across thousands of miles of ocean since leaving Japan in July. In the remaining hundreds of miles left it will be no different. They will receive a loud and clear message that transporting nuclear weapons material is sheer madness", said Shaun Burnie, on Rainbow Warrior.