Greenpeace delivers 'relief aid' to US Embassy in Hungary

Press release - 5 March, 2003

Delivering solar panels to US embassy.

Greenpeace delivered "relief aid" to the US Embassy in Hungary today. The international environmental organisation lent a solar-powered heating system to the Embassy to help the U.S. solve its perceived energy crisis and reduce its dependency on oil, a major factor behind its motivation for war against Iraq.

The first delivery, a solar system capable of providing warm water for several days, arrived at the diplomatic building this morning with the message: "USA - don't make war for oil - use clean energy". If the Embassy were to use more photo-thermal panels, it could power its heating system in an environmentally friendly way and further reduce its dependency on oil.

"In order to sustain the engine of its economy - the oil supply - the US is turning to war. Oil is a dirty energy source - especially if it's spoiled by blood. Greenpeace is trying to help the Bush Administration satisfy its energy needs and contribute to global security by using clean energy that doesn't cause environmental damage and climate change or cost human victims," said Greenpeace campaigner Roland Csáki.