DOW denies media reports on Bhopal responsibility

Press release - 3 December, 2004
Dow Chemical has not accepted full responsibility for the Bhopal disaster in India. The US multinational denied media reports today that it would liquefy Union Carbide, spend 12 billion USD on cleaning up the contaminated factory site, and properly compensate victims.

Greenpeace International toxics campaigner, Zeina Alhajj said: "It is a great shame that today's reports were apparently incorrect and that Dow is not going to grant justice for the survivors of the Bhopal disaster after all."

"Having taken over Union Carbide three years ago, Dow should be taking exactly the action today's reports said it would. It should put people before profit, clean up the contaminated site in Bhopal and it should provide proper compensation and health care to survivors of the disaster."