Greenpeace statement on IAEA Board of Governors meeting on Iran

Press release - 8 March, 2006
All parties have failed to take up opportunities to find a solution to the Iran nuclear crisis. Iran and the US threatening each other with "harm" and "pain" cannot be allowed to continue if this situation is not to escalate out of control. Both factions in this crisis need to calm down if it is to be peacefully resolved.

The debate on Iran continues to highlight the contradiction at theheart of the nuclear non-proliferation problem. In the last weekDirector General ElBaradei has supported U.S cooperation with India'snuclear programme despite India's illegal possession of nuclearweapons, whilst the IAEA Board has decided to report Iran to the UNSecurity Council even though Iran is operating legally inside the sameframework. This nuclear hypocrisy clearly demonstrates the fault linein the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty that will continue to plaguethe international community.

Today the IAEA Board sent the Iran file to the Security Council, whenit should have also gone to the General Assembly as other cases have1,and as is required by the IAEA Statute2. This is a global problem thatrequires global solutions, and that's why the General Assembly - notthe Security Council - should be involved. The Security Council has notdemonstrated its competence in the field of arms control anddisarmament in the past and is unlikely to do so now. Security Councilmembers have a track record in promoting arms races rather thanproducing the plan to stop wasting resources on arms, as they aremandated to do under article 26 of the UN Charter.

The only long-term resolution to the global proliferation crisis is toeradicate the temptation of nuclear technology altogether. Genuinenegotiations are desperately needed on a nuclear-free Middle East. Onlya Middle East free of all nuclear technology can be a Middle East freeof nuclear proliferation.

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Notes: 1 Iraq (July 1991), Romania (July 1992), North Korea (April 1993, March 1994, February 2003) 2 Article XII C was the part of the IAEA Statute that was cited when Iran was found to be in non-compliance in September 2005. This article requires the IAEA Board to report any non-compliance to both the Security Council and the General Assembly