Home on the range: 25-40% emission reductions by 2020 agreed by Australia and Canada

Press release - 15 December, 2007
After holding out for two weeks, both Canada and Australia finally caved in and agreed at the climate talks in Bali to support a 25-40% emissions reduction target by 2020.

"It's good to see Australia starting to take a more progressive role on climate change. We had concerns that Australia would play a wrecker role in Bali, but at the very end they did the right thing," said Stephen Campbell, Greenpeace Australia Pacific Campaigns Director.

He said the Federal Government will now have to take its emission reduction commitments seriously. It should follow New Zealand's example and call a moratorium on any new coal-fired power stations.

"We have the right words - now it's time to see the right actions", said Stephen Campbell, Campaigns Director of Greenpeace Australia/Pacific.

Unlike Australia, Canada only accepted this range and did not actively support it.

"Canada played a destructive role for the whole two weeks in Bali. But in the end they had to cave to domestic and international pressure and accept the emission reduction targets that science requires" said Claire Stockwell, political advisor to Greenpeace Canada.

"If Canada were serious about fighting climate change, they would scrap their abysmal national 'climate plan' and forbid the development of the tar sands oil fields."

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