Greenpeace calls on EU to commit to 30% emission cuts

Press release - 18 December, 2009
In the last hours of the Copenhagen climate summit where industrialised and developing countries are negotiating a global agreement, the EU has been remarkable only for its silence, said Greenpeace today. A number of major EU leaders have been meeting behind closed doors today to try and finally break the deadlock.


Greenpeace EU climate policy director Joris den Blanken said: “With all eyes on the positions of the US and China, Europe has so far been reluctant to show any political muscle. Europe has the power to make other players move, but it is paralysed by indecision. If we want Copenhagen to mean something, Europe has to show some guts and stop taking a back seat in the negotiations. Otherwise, the summit could be one step away from collapse, leaving climate chaos in its wake.”

 Greenpeace calls on EU leaders to immediately support an upgrade of Europe’s unconditional emission reduction commitment to 30%, to help reach an agreement that would push industrialised countries to a scientifically sound 40% target.

Research shows that such a move would cost very little, but would deliver a sustainable economy with green jobs. Japan and Norway have already shown more ambition than Europe and there is overwhelming support within the EU to increase the target.

“Copenhagen would not have taken place if the EU had not shown leadership on climate in the past. If the EU is still a leader on climate change, then why is it not stepping up and putting 30% on the table?” said den Blanken.

Other contacts: Cindy Baxter, Greenpeace International communications, INSIDE THE COPENHAGEN CONFERENCE CENTRE: +45 526 556 22, +31 646 197 332, Martin Kaiser, Greenpeace International head of climate policy: +45 52 65 55 80 or +49 171 878 0817 Mike Crocker, Greenpeace USA +1 202 215 8989 Ailun Yang, Greenpeace China: +45 50 11 06 41 Mark Breddy, Greenpeace communications, +45 526 556 72, +32 496 156 229,

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