Update: Nuclear madness reaches Finland

Press release - 18 November, 2009
The cargo ship Happy Ranger made port in Finland today, carrying its cargo of steam generators from France, intended for a nuclear reactor under construction at Olkiluoto. In addition, it is also carrying a protest camp, complete with eight Greenpeace activists from Finland, France, Germany and Sweden. Greenpeace is calling for the plant’s construction to be halted.



 "Areva said if we wanted to inspect the cargo we could have just asked," said Lauri Myllivirta, Energy Campaigner for Greenpeace Nordic, on board the Happy Ranger.

 "This isn't about inspections. The official inspector has already found over 3,000 safety and technical deficiencies during the construction of this plant. Minister Mauri Pekkarinen, who is responsible for nuclear power, must end the construction work immediately. These generators should be sent back to France.

The port has been closed to media, and the activists expect to be detained.

Six activists boarded the Happy Ranger on Monday, 16 November, to highlight how the decision to opt for dangerous nuclear reactors undermines effective climate protection. On Tuesday they were joined by a second team. Relations with the captain and crew have been positive.

A full briefing on Olkiluoto 3, its many safety issues and negative impact on Finnish climatepolicy is available at http://www.greenpeace.org/raw/content/finland/fi/dokumentit/ol3Factsheet.pdf


Other contacts: Lauri Myllivirta, Energy Campaigner, Greenpeace Nordic, Tel: +35 8 503 625 981Jan Beranek, Head of Nuclear Campaign, Greenpeace International, Tel: +31 651 109 558Beth Herzfeld, Greenpeace International communications, +44 7717 802 891

VVPR info: International photo desk, ,  +44 797 364 2103
International video desk: ,  +31 6 46 162 015A selection of visual material is available for download, including aerial video of the boarding, and footage captured by the activists on board the Happy Ranger, see:https://info.greenpeace.se/album/a_mediarelease/?openfolder=091116_Stop_nordic_nuclear/ https://info.greenpeace.se/album/a_mediarelease/?openfolder=091117_Stop_nordic_nuclear/