Greenpeace demands higher targets from resumed climate talks

Press release - 9 April, 2010
Governments must start closing the gap between their low ambitions for emissions cuts and the urgent need to prevent dangerous climate change when they meet in Bonn this weekend at the first climate meeting since the failed UN Copenhagen Climate Summit.

The meeting, from 9-11 April, brings governments from industrialised and developing countries together in the first of the UNFCCC's 2010 meetings on tackling climate change.

"Governments must adopt a plan in Bonn that reflects the urgency of the global climate crisis. One that bridges the gap between where science tells us we need to be and where politicians are taking us, and a plan that will achieve the legally binding deal that the planet needs in order to avert catastrophic climate change," said Wendel Trio, Greenpeace International Climate Policy Coordiator.

Under the so-called 'Copenhagen Accord', governments agreed " ...that deep cuts in global emissions are required... with a view to reduce global emissions so as to hold the increase in global temperature below 2 degrees Celsius, and take action to meet this objective..."(1)

Yet, the commitments they have put on the table (2) to curb greenhouse gas emissions are likely to see a global temperature increase of more than 3 degrees Celsius (5.4 degrees F), compared to pre-industrial levels. This would put temperature rise well beyond a critical threshold, leading to irreversible large-scale impacts, catastrophic for the environment and for human society, including rise in crop failure and resulting hunger and significant increase in heat-related deaths. (3)

Over the weekend in Bonn industrialised governments have a critical opportunity to repair the distrust caused by their failure to take the lead at Copenhagen.

"Delay is costly, both financially and in terms of human lives. Governments must adopt an ambitious plan of action demonstrating that they are prepared to move beyond a time wasting blame game and start negotiating solutions to the climate crisis -- climate change will not wait," stressed Trio.

Other contacts: In Bonn:Wendel Trio, Greenpeace International Climate Policy Coordiator: +32 473 170 887 Kaisa Kosonen, Greenpeace International Climate and Energy campaigner: +35 850 3688 488

In London:Beth Herzfeld, Greenpeace International Communications: +44 (0) 7717 802 891


(1) Copenhagen Accord, FCCC/CP/2009/L.7, 18 December 2009. (see paragraph 2)

(2) Comparison Of Pre-Copenhagen Commitments And Pledges Made In Relation To The Copenhagen Accord

(3) The Third Degree, briefing document, Greenpeace International, 1 February 2010.