Greenpeace climbers scale Mt Fuji to call for nuclear-free Japan

Press release - 28 February, 2012
Kawaguchiko, Japan, February 28, 2012 - In solemn remembrance of the lives affected by last year’s Japanese earthquake and the following Fukushima nuclear tragedy, Greenpeace climbers today delivered messages of support and hope to the summit of Mt Fuji.

As the eleven climbers from Canada, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA scaled the mountain, a banner reading “No Nuclear” and “Nuclear Free Tomorrow” was deployed at Lake Yamanakako, one of five lakes at the base of Mt Fuji, by a second team of Greenpeace activists.

“Greenpeace is taking messages for Fukushima collected from thousands of people in Japan and all over the world (1) to the top of Mt Fuji to help convince the Japanese Government to listen the voices of the people, not the nuclear industry,” said Wakao Hanoaka, Greenpeace Japan Campaign Manager. 

“On March 11th, we will pause to reflect on the lives lost in the tragic earthquake and tsunami one year ago; but we must also remember those whose lives have been irrevocably damaged by radioactive contamination,” said Hanoaka. “We cannot forget the terrible price they are paying for Japan’s blind obsession with nuclear.” 

Earlier today in Tokyo, Greenpeace released its “Lessons from Fukushima” report (2), which shows that people are suffering from the impacts of the Fukushima disaster due to the failures of Japanese authorities, who chose to ignore the risks of nuclear reactors and make nuclear industry profits a higher priority than public safety. 

“Fukushima was an avoidable, man-made disaster, as industry interests and profits were given a higher priority than health and safety,” said Aslihan Tumer, Greenpeace International Nuclear Campaigner. “Governments around the world must phase out this fundamentally dangerous technology, and invest in safe, proven, and affordable renewable technologies.”


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1) Greenpeace collected messages via the Twitter tag #msgFukushima, its website (, Facebook (, Greenpeace Japan’s “Love Hairo” website ( and from visitors to its “Shadowlands” exhibition in Tokyo (

2) Link to the Executive Summary and the Lessons from Fukushima report: