Greenpeace Director: 'India could play an heroic role at the Paris talks.'

Press release - 4 December, 2015
Paris, 4 December 2015 - Kumi Naidoo, the Greenpeace International Executive Director, has published an open letter to Prime Minister Modi expressing sympathy with those affected by the floods in Chennai, and saying the Indian leader could play a ‘heroic role’ at the Paris climate talks.

There is a focus on India's position at the climate summit and widespread media coverage identifying India as a possible spoiler or blocker of any agreement.

Kumi Naidoo rejects this portrayal, saying: "Climate change was not made in India, but the price is being paid in India. Could the grounds for a solution now be laid by India?" He adds:

"Greenpeace and civil society stands with India in demanding accountability from the major polluters. We recognise that richer countries are still not doing enough. But if India moves, in the process forcing richer countries to move too, then it will not just be campaigners like me who will be grateful, but billions of people not yet born."

In his letter, Naidoo urges Prime Minister Modi to consider the plight of the most vulnerable people in India and around the world, by embracing a long-term goal of 100% renewable energy access for all by 2050. This is the best way of keeping global temperature rises to below 1.5 degrees – which the most vulnerable countries have called for.


Full text of the letter can be found here.


Tina Loeffelbein, Political Communications Lead, Greenpeace UNFCCC campaign , +49 151 167 209 15