allows those who can’t march for the climate to still take part

Press release - 25 November, 2015
Paris, 25 November 2015 - Following the recent attacks in Paris and subsequent security concerns in the French capital which nullified plans for a massive climate march in the city, NGOs have teamed up to provide an opportunity for those who cannot march to still take part in a global protest for climate action on the 29th of November.

The initiative, launched by Greenpeace and members of the Climate Coalition 21, uses the website as a platform to connect people who are marching with those who cannot.

A person who cannot take part in the global march can register on by submitting a picture, their first name, the first initial of their surname and the city where they are based.

Someone taking part in one of the planned marches across the globe can offer to represent a person who cannot march by submitting the same details about themselves to

People will be paired randomly with their pictures appearing together on People unable to find a match will be able to use their social media networks via the #march4me to find someone who can march on their behalf 

Jean François Julliard, Executive Director of Greenpeace France, said :

“This city has seen dark times very recently, but we see the initiative as a sliver of light for the hundreds of thousands of people who want to march for renewable energy and action on climate change but are unable to. This is about using innovation to connect climate-conscious protestors across the globe while unifying all of our voices into a single chorus on the 29th so that there can be no question that policy-makers inside the climate conference and beyond will hear us demand climate action and promote the 100% renewable energy vision.”



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