At the Marrakech climate talks, record speed must be the new normal

Press release - 6 November, 2016
Marrakech, 6 November 2016 - As governments start turning Paris Agreement promises into action at UN climate talks in Morocco this week, Greenpeace urges them to stop any new fossil fuel developments and make the record speed of the accord’s ratification the 'new normal'. [1]

Greenpeace Global Climate Policy Lead, Kaisa Kosonen, said:

“We saw the Paris agreement enter into force with ambitious goals and record speed, now we must see action that breaks new records every year. We will be the generation that ends fossil fuels.”

On Thursday, the UN Environment Programme issued a stark warning to governments about the unfinished business from Paris. [2] Even if countries’ current national contributions to the Agreement were implemented in full, the world would see an average global temperature rise which is double the level agreed in Paris.

“This gap between the goal and the action is a problem that will need to be fixed in the very near future with, as the UNEP says, faster and deeper emission cuts. Otherwise we’ll let the agreement’s temperature goal slip out of reach before the ink has dried.

“Here in Morocco, governments must focus on delivering a two-year work plan for a strong rulebook, faster emission cuts and increased support for the poor and vulnerable,” added Kosonen.

Notes for editors:

[1] Greenpeace’s expectations on COP22:

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