Greenpeace International statement on Executive Order: Trump can’t stop clean energy transition

Press release - 28 March, 2017
Amsterdam, 28 March 2017 - Responding to President Trump’s latest Executive Order, which attempts to dismantle the Clean Power Plan, amongst other climate actions, Jennifer Morgan, Greenpeace International Executive Director, said:

“Today’s decision is one of a series of short-sighted, badly-informed moves that is subservient to the fossil fuel industry, harms the global communities and further damages Trump’s reputation amongst real world leaders.

“Real leaders are taking urgent action on climate change and clean energy because it’s good for their people and it’s good for their economy. Trump may be able to delay America’s inevitable transition to clean energy and cause unnecessary harm at home and abroad, but he can’t stop it because its momentum is too great.

“Ultimately, the Trump administration is shooting itself in the foot. Climate change is a widely-recognised threat to US security and the US economy, while the already growing transition to a clean energy future brings immediate benefits to all our economies, health, security and jobs.

“The US government may not honour its climate commitment, but plenty of US states, local governments and businesses will. The world will move ahead with or without Trump.”



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