The Dark Side of Volkswagen

Publication - 30 June, 2011
The Volkswagen Group is the largest car maker in Europe. It has repeatedly claimed that it wants to be a ‘green’ company, but has so far failed to live up to its green ambitions. It has been slow to make its fleet more efficient, despite having developed the technology to do so, and has actively worked to impede strong European climate policies. The company must change.

Volkswagen’s significance in the car market should not be underestimated. By 2018, the company aims to take the number one spot from Toyota to become the biggest car maker in the world. The Group comprises nine well-known brands and also owns a controlling stake in Porsche. One in five new cars sold in Europe is a Volkswagen brand and the company hopes to attain global dominance by expanding sales in the US market and the emerging markets of China and India.

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