A Deadly Trade-off

IOI’s Palm Oil Supply and its Human and Environmental Costs

Publication - 27 September, 2016
Over the last two decades, the plantation sector has laid waste to Indonesia’s forests and peatlands. Millions of hectares have been destroyed for pulp and oil palm concessions at great cost to wildlife, the climate and people.

But who is to blame? And who has the power to deliver change?

This Greenpeace International investigative report looks at the Malaysian palm oil company IOI group. Despite policies to ensure that its palm oil supply is free from deforestation, peatland destruction or exploitation, IOI continues to buy palm oil from third-party suppliers linked to serious environmental destruction and human rights abuses, including:
–– Clearance of primary forest and peatland
–– Extensive, likely deliberate, fire
–– Exploitation of workers and reports of child labour
–– Use of state security forces

The problems identified in this report are not limited to IOI, but include all major traders. Despite being members of the RSPO, the day when IOI, Wilmar, GAR, Musim Mas and others can state with conviction that their palm oil is genuinely sustainable is still a long way off. Responsible companies must start working together, to the same standards, using the same tools, to identify and exclude rogue players such as those identified in this report.