Burning Issue

Why IOI’s destruction in Ketapang is a burning issue for the RSPO and the palm oil plantation sector

Publication - 9 June, 2016
The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) suspended Malaysian palm oil company IOI in March 2016 for breaches of RSPO principles. Since its suspension, IOI has lost many of its biggest customers. It responded with a lawsuit against the RSPO, of which it is a founding member. However, IOI dropped the lawsuit four days ahead of the June RSPO European Summit and is now pushing for its suspension to be lifted.

This new investigation by Greenpeace International provides fresh evidence that the impact of IOI’s deforestation and peatland drainage is far greater than was recognised in the RSPO complaint that led to the company's suspension.

Greenpeace is calling on IOI to protect and restore the forest and peatland landscapes impacted by its supply base, and for the RSPO to maintain its suspension until this has happened.

Burning Issue