Down to Zero

How Greenpeace is ending deforestation in Indonesia: 2003-2013 and beyond

Publication - 7 June, 2013
Through photos and campaign artwork, "Down to Zero" tells the story of our campaign to end the destruction of Indonesia's rainforests, and what you have helped us to achieve.

It starts a decade ago. In 2003, Indonesia's rainforests were disappearing faster than any other forest on earth, with untold cost to local people, wildlife such as orangutans and the Sumatran tigers, and the global climate.

And for what? Plywood, palm oil and paper.

While few people have heard of the companies clearing Indonesia's forests, everyone has heard of Penguin Books; of Unilever products such as Dove and Nestle’s brands such as KitKat; and of HSBC, Barbie and KFC. And everyone wants them to be deforestation-free. With your help, our public campaigns have started to clean up the supply chains of many major consumer brands. We have also helped change international trade laws and influenced Indonesia's largest palm oil company and largest paper company to end deforestation.

Quite an achievement in a decade! But the real story is about people taking action and getting results. And that is the story of Greenpeace.

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