Esperanza Indian Ocean Expedition 2013

Summary of findings 18 March - 17 May 2013

Publication - 17 October, 2013
The Greenpeace ship Esperanza was in the Indian Ocean for two months investigating fishing vessels operating illegally or using highly destructive and wasteful fishing techniques.

Together with the Pacific, the Indian Ocean is critical for the supply of tuna to the global market. The two oceans account for over 80% of the world’s tuna catches.

The failure to manage these fisheries sustainably raises a significant threat to long-term supplies, and to the wider health of the marine environments that support them. Despite their importance, current management of tuna fisheries in the Pacific and Indian Oceans is failing to safeguard these future supplies by allowing poorly understood, weakly regulated and mostly uncontrolled fishing to continue and even expand.

Esperanza Indian Ocean Expedition 2013