Fishers' Favorites

The best seafood recipes by low-impact fishers around the world

Publication - 2 December, 2014
We believe in a future with healthy oceans and fish stocks and without destructive fishing. This is possible, but unfortunately there is still a long way to go.

All over the globe, fish stocks are in an alarming state, mainly due to overfishing by oversized and destructive fishing fleets. In fact, 90% of global fish stocks are either fully exploited, overexploited or even depleted. That makes it almost impossible for you or me as consumers to eat fish in a sustainable way. The only real solution is to change the way we fish. In short, destructive fishing must be replaced by low-impact fishing practices – for example, hand-lines, traps or coastal nets with a minimum impact on our oceans and fish stocks.

Low-impact fishers and non-destructive industrial vessels should do the fishing, as they can help ensure that we have fish on our plates for generations to come. But all over the world they have been overlooked by decision makers for far too long, so many low-impact fishers are forced out of work by the industralized vessels that deplete and destroy our oceans.

With this recipe book, you are invited to sit at the dining tables of low-impact fishers while listening to their stories about how they are affected by overfishing and industrial destructive vessels, and how they fight for fair fisheries.