Fallout victims of the Pacific: Chiyoko Tamayose

Publication - 15 June, 2005
Testimony of radiation victim Chiyoko Tamayose to the US Congress, May 25, 2005."I am from Rongelap atoll in the Marshall Islands. I returned to Rongelap in 1957, three years after the nuclear fallout contaminated my homeland & at the time when scientists informed us that the land was clean and safe to go back home. I noticed that not everything was right in 1957. The arrowroots that before grew everywhere were gone. The coconut trees were bearing green and yellow nuts from the same tree; very unusual. The water changed color when we cooked our foods [...]I am asking you to come to the Marshall Islands and listen to the survivors' stories. Hold hearings in the Marshall Islands and in Hawaii where many survivors reside now in order to be closer to the hospitals. My voice is one of the survivors.

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