Deep Seas in Deep Trouble

Greenpeace Briefing on the Workshop to Discuss the Implementation of UNGA Resolutions 61/105 and 64/72

Publication - 5 September, 2011
The impacts of bottom fisheries on deep sea ecosystems have been extensively discussed at the UNGA over the last decade. After the adoption in 2004 of resolution 59/25,2 a benchmark was achieved in 2006 with the negotiation and adoption of paragraphs 80 and 83 to 86 of resolution 61/105.

Flag States committed at the time not to authorise their fishing vessels to engage in
bottom fisheries on the high seas if they were not in compliance with this resolution by 31 December 2008.3 This commitment was disregarded. In November 2009, and in light of the poor implementation of 61/105,4 the UNGA further strengthened its call to protect the deep seas from destructive fishing, with the adoption of paragraphs 117 and 119 to 127 of resolution 64/72.

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