The Greenpeace Climate Vision
Background Note No. 8 - Changing lifestyles and consumption patterns

Publication - 27 May, 2009
Background documentation supporting the Greenpeace Climate Vision.

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Executive summary: The consumer society has strong allure and carries with it many economic benefits, and it would be unfair to argue that the advantages gained by an earlier generation of consumers should not be shared by those who come later. But we need to ensure that global consumption is more sustainable than today, and that consumption is reduced in high-income countries and slowed down in developing countries, in order to avoid increasing the level of damage caused by climate change and greenhouse gas emissions.

While lifestyle changes are possible with regard to all our consumption patterns, we have identified the following three sectors as having substantial potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions:

- Transport (14% of global greenhouse gas emissions)

- Meat and dairy consumption (18-30% of global greenhouse gas emissions)

- Electrical and electronic equipment

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