Strengthen Conservation and Management Measures

7th Meeting of the WCPFC Technical and Compliance Committee (TCC7)

Publication - 27 September, 2011
Findings presented this year at the WCPFC Scientific Committee (SC) meeting highlighted that despite current measures being taken, Pacific bigeye has reached an overfished state and the status of yellowfin tuna is also of concern.

It is therefore clear that key conservation and management measures – in particular the Conservation and Management Measure agreed in 2008 (CMM-2008-01) – that specifically focuses on addressing the overfishing of bigeye tuna stocks and ensuring yellowfin tuna stocks are managed sustainably, is not going far enough to protect these precious marine resources. Only through swift action to strengthen this measure, will we be able to avoid a fisheries management disaster waiting to happen.

Greenpeace Brief to TCC7