Greenpeace Policy Statement on ICCAT 17

Paris, France 17-27 November 2010

Publication - 14 November, 2010
In advance of the 17th annual ICCAT meeting, Greenpeace released its policy briefings to contracting parties, detailing the recommendations for outcomes of the tuna summit. The Eastern stock of Atlantic bluefin tuna is heavily over-exploited, with the status of the stock effectively unknown. Its population structure has been greatly impacted by past fishing activity, significant concerns about the decrease of the average size of bluefin tuna harvested in the Mediterranean exist and catch rates have been far in excess of recommended levels, leading to unsustainable mortality rates.

ICCAT contracting parties and the bluefin tuna purse seining and farming industries are responsible for this situation. Millions of Euros in profits have been made over the last couple of decades by just a small number of companies from a handful of countries who have fished, farmed and traded bluefin to the detriment of the species’ survival and existing Mediterranean and East Atlantic artisanal fishing communities. ICCAT parties have consistently failed to adopt a strong recovery plan for Eastern bluefin tuna.

2010_10_14_GP position on the management of EBFT_Final