Greenpeace briefing for WCPFC 8

26-30 March 2012 Guam

Publication - 22 March, 2012
The WCPFC now has an opportunity to be a global leader in tuna management by agreeing to take swift action to significantly strengthen this measure by following scientific advice to further cut fishing, by including additional high seas closures and banning the use of FADs in purse seine fisheries. By agreeing such measures the WCPFC will not only avoid the impending fisheries management disaster, but also meet the growing expectations of the market place in providing sustainable tuna.

Greenpeace therefore urges that the following key elements be included in the outcomes of the WCPFC’s 8th regular session:

- The permanent closure of the four high seas pockets to all fishing;
- a total ban on the use of FADs with purse seine fishing; and
- immediately implement a precautionary 50% cut in the fishing mortality for bigeye tuna including in long-line fisheries.

WCPFC briefing 2012. final