The Real Face of the IAEA's multilaterals nuclear approaches

Publication - 26 September, 2005
The International Atomic Energy Agency is dedicated to the worldwide expansion of nuclear power.But these plans face insurmountable obstacles. The growing problem of nuclear waste and the threatof proliferation being two of the most pressing.The IAEA is now seeking to resolve these problems through the concept of multilateral control ofthe nuclear fuel cycle as laid out in report to the IAEA Director General in February 2005.

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Executive summary: Greenpeace’s briefing exposes the real face of the IAEA’s proposed Multilateral NuclearApproaches (MNA) and the inherent proliferation risks posed by the US led initiatives. The MNAand/or Bush plan if realised rather than solving some of the key problems of nuclear power will inreality be counter-productive, increasing nuclear proliferation and radioactive contamination of theenvironment as well as multiplying transports of plutonium, nuclear fuel and highly radioactivewaste.

Num. pages: 38