On The Ground 2011

The controversies of PEFC and SFI

Publication - 17 October, 2011
'On the Ground: The controversies of PEFC and SFI' , details a series of cases, including how indigenous peoples' rights in Chile, Canada and Sweden have been dismissed, how massive old growth forest destruction has been certified as "sustainable" in the USA, Tasmania and Sweden, and how clear cutting tropical rainforest to make room for plantations has been endorsed in Indonesia.

Report released by the NGOs coalition: Climate for Ideas (United Kingdom), Forests of the World (Denmark), Dogwood Alliance (United States), Hnutí DUHA (Friends of the Earth Czech Republic), Les Amis de la Terre (Friends of the Earth France), Greenpeace, Sierra Club of British Columbia, Suomen Luonnonsuojeluliitto (Finnish Association for Nature Conservation), Netherlands Centre for Indigenous Peoples.


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