Suggested Draft High Seas Implementing Agreement

Publication - 4 February, 2011
Suggested Draft High Seas Implementing Agreement for the Conservation and Management of the Marine Environment in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction

The current oceans governance regime has significant gaps with respect to biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction. Currently, there is clear lack of: (i) An explicit mandate for the protection, conservation and sustainable use of living resources in the high seas; (ii) harmonization or coordination among or between the relevant instruments or regional, international and intergovernmental bodies; (iii) implementation tools (such as a mandate to establish marine reserves and environmental impact assessements in areas beyond national jurisdiction; (iv) compliance and enforcement mechanisms, as well as monitoring, control and surveillance of extractive or potentially polluting activities; (v) clear rules governing access to and the sharing of benefits derived from high seas genetic resources; and (vi) a mechanism to assess and regulate new and emerging human activities on the high seas.

Suggested draft High Seas Implementing Agreement