The US Nuclear Posture in Korea

Publication - 29 April, 2005
This briefing gives an overview of how the US nuclear posture toward North Korea has changed since the Cold War and describes the forces and operations that are used today to maintain a nuclear deterrence toward North Korea. Presented at the Seminar on Nuclear Proliferation Challenges: The Korean Peninsula and Japan at the National Assembly, Seoul, Republic of Korea, April 28, 2005

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Executive summary: The first part of this briefing describes the deployments during the Cold War, when nuclear weapons arrived in South Korea, their types, how many there were. The withdrawal of all remaining nuclear weapons in 1991 is described. How did the 2001 Nuclear Posture Review view North Korea and how is it shaping the nuclear posture that serves a role toward North Korea? Ending with a number of conclusions and observations about what this means.

Num. pages: 20