Annual Report 2006

Publication - 8 November, 2007
Annual report for the year 2006.NOTE: Annual Report 2006 In previous years we have labeledour Annual Reports with the year of issue. This year, we bring the report into line with common practice and its title (06) refers to the year covered by the report.

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Executive summary: With the ascendancy of climate change to the top of the list of threats facing the planet has come a plethora of new allies and advocates. Along with Al Gore and a host of celebrities, companies and politicians are taking up the climate challenge. Voters and consumers are increasingly basing their decisions on what is needed to protect the climate: to protect the environment for current and futuregenerations.

Greenpeace has campaigned for climate protection for two decades, and is uniquely placed to provide leadership in the tough years to come: to promote radical solutions and oppose false promises. Our financial independence - we take no money from governments or corporations - andadherence to the principles of peaceful nonviolent direct action give enormous support to the solutions we propose. Our long involvement in the climate debate means we can hold the politicians to their promises and ensure that the new 'greening of business', or Corporate Social Responsibility, is not a soft sell, devoid of hard action, but something that will combine to hold global warming to a manageable level.

Gerd Leipold
Executive Director,
Greenpeace International

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