Climate Change - Nuclear not the answer

Publication - 30 April, 2007
While the nuclear industry’s 1950s dream of clean energy that would be too cheap to meter lies in economic and environmental tatters that same industry is now desperately trying to convince us that it is the solution to climate change. While the world is struggling to manage the vast mountains of radioactive waste, which have been produced over the last half-century, many in the finance industry dismiss it as ‘too expensive to matter’.

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Executive summary: The nuclear industry has seized on the problem of climate change to try to revive its dying industry. It argues that nuclear power can help achieve the dramatic cut in carbon emissions necessary to seriously address climate change, but the reality is that wasting yet more time and money pursuing the nuclear nightmare would be too late, too expensive, too risky, and could lead to nuclear weapons proliferation, because the majority of nuclear technologies and materials needed for a civil nuclear power programme are also essential to develop a nuclear weapons programme. The massive subsidies needed by the nuclear industry threaten to undermine the renewable energy revolution that is the real solution to climate change.

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