Chemical Legacy - Contamination of the Child

Publication - 20 October, 2003
In early 2003, Greenpeace exposed the presence of persistent, bioaccumulative chemical pollutants in samples of house dust taken from homes across the UK. Research published by Greenpeace in October 2003 reveals that these same chemicals can be found in many consumer products readily available on every high street.This report completes the loop of chemical exposure by illustrating two disturbing developments. Firstly, that many of the same chemicals used routinely in consumer products and present in house dust, are also present in the human body, including in prenatal and newborn children. Secondly, that these chemicals are likely to be having a detrimental effect on the health of children and the human population at large. Significantly, the report also draws together the available evidence that illustrates how and why prenatal and newly born children are particularly at risk from chemical pollutants.

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Num. pages: 54