10 Easy Steps to Cut Car Emissions: Climate Control Manual

Publication - 2 September, 2008
In response to the proposed legislation on CO2 emissionsfrom cars, European car manufacturers have repeatedlyclaimed that it will be expensive to meet the originally proposed target of 120g CO2 per kilometre by 2012. Instead they are demanding legislation be put back to 2015, even though it has already been delayed from 2005.

Climate Control Manual
10 Easy Steps to Cut Car Emissions...by 2012, and not 2015

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Executive summary: However, all manufacturers currently have the technologyto increase the fuel efficiency of their cars and, indeed, most of them are making several models that fall under the 120g CO2 per kilometre.

In recognition of the fact that transport is the only sector that has seen increases in CO2 emissions in recent years, Greenpeace is asking MEPs to agree strong legislation that will ensure that passenger cars play their role in the overall reduction of CO2 emissions. Compared to other industries and sectors, thecar manufacturers have so far been given an easy ride inassisting the European Member States in meeting theirenvironmental commitments. Greenpeace is asking thatmanufacturers be given a target of a fleet average of 120g/km by 2012, and that a long-term target is set of 80g/km by 2020, in line with the EU’s overall emissions targets. This will also ensure that progress is continualand measurable.

This document shows that it ispossible to reduce CO2 emissions, of individual cars andof the fleet as a whole, using existing technology. There is no need for the “phase in” that the industry has been calling for. If even some of the following measures are adopted into new models, it will be easy for manufacturers to meet the required fuel efficiency for their fleet well within the proposed legislative timeframe.

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