Destruction at all co[a]sts

Publication - 4 July, 2006
The coastline has no one to protect itAs every year, Greenpeace is again publishing its diagnosticabout the situation of the coastline. One more year wetravelled along the 8,000 kilometres of the Spanish coastpoint by point; we compiled and analysed the informationpublished throughout the whole year and have studieddozens of cases. The facts do not show big changes to theactual situation in relation to previous years. Betweengeneral sorrow and lack of political action to protect it, the coastline continues to slip through our hands.

Cover of Destrtuction at all co[a]sts 2006 report

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Executive summary: Once again it is essential to remind of the environmental,social and economic importance of the coastal area for ourcountry. The adequate preservation of the coasts is a keyfactor for a number of economic sectors. Fishing, for example,cannot be sustained without preservation of themarine ecosystems; tourism depends largely on an adequateenvironmental preservation, and thereafter.

Why, we ask, there being a broad consensus among citizensabout the high degree of degradation of our coastalline, no administration takes on seriously the need to puta stop to so much outrage. The best news in the lastmonths was of the proliferation of local Platforms that arededicated to stopping dozens of cement projects thathover over our coast. Few times they receive a positiveanswer from the politicians who are responsible but, beingsmall strongholds of unremitting fighters, those groupsstrive to protect the territory, even suffering many timesattacks and disqualifications. They have managed notableaccomplishments, such as, for example, that the EuropeanParliament show deep concern about the Valencian Communityurban legislation. We have no doubt that there willbe many more.

While the territory is being destroyed, those in charge ofthe several public offices continue to discuss who takesthe responsibility. Eventually, it will not matter who ismanaging a crushed and impoverished territory from thesearch for short-term benefits. However, citizens areincreasingly and strongly demanding for well-preservedcoasts and for the protection of the coastline. Does anyonepick up the gauntlet?

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